Icon-Crete is an expert contractor of specialty services such as:

  • Concrete surface restoration

  • Decorative concrete finishes & overlayment systems

  • A multitude of coloring and staining options 

  • Commercial & Residential flooring

  • Industrial floor coatings (EPOXIES, URETHANES, MORTARS, NOVOLAC SYSTEMS)

  • Hardwood & Laminate flooring refinishing and installation

  • Metal building and installation

  • Waterproof basement flooring

  • Made-to-order Metal and wood furniture fabrication

  • Custom pergolas


Thinking about a remodel?  We can do that, too!


First Meeting

Our first meeting is all about you. We will find the right solutions to your problems in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.


Our expert contractors will put a plan together that will make your dream a reality.


Our construction team will get to work on your new build or remodeling projects.

Finished Product

Icon-crete works with you during and after your completed project. Exceeding your expectations is our number one goal.

Technical Support

Is Technical Support Over Rated?

Absolutely not, but the term "technical support" surely is. We understand the need for real support coupled with real answers and the ability to source them when you need them. This is the reason we have more technical training of our installers than most in the industry.

We Know You Know How to Read

Tired of generic answers to complex questions from someone who is simply reading instructions from a product manual? We offer advanced technical support utilizing our highly trained and skilled installation specialists that have real-world application with all of our products. This means you will speak to an installer that has likely run into the same situation and can offer a quick and effective solution. We pride ourselves on the technical training component of our business as this is what differentiates the good from the best.

Need our services?

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